Wine and Wotsits is a premier campaigners meet up. A space for people to share ideas, hear brilliant short talks and network. On a semi-regular basis, 5 to 6 campaigners present ideas to their peers. Taking the form of a pecha kucha (20 slides, each taking 20 seconds) it is fast paced and often riotously funny.

If you aren’t British then you may be asking yourself what the hell a wotsit is. They are an exceptionally cheesy smelling snack that is particularly moreish when consumed with wine. And that is how these events started.

Frustrated at the lack of opportunity for campaigners in their teams to bounce off ideas Ali Goldsworthy and Jon Quinn, who led campaigning work in the UK’s leading consumer and housing NGOs, decided it was about time that changed. Like many of the best decisions the world has known, this took place one evening over wine and wotsits. The event was born in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength.  We’ve welcomed speakers from:

  • Save the Children
  • Change.org
  • Which?
  • Shelter
  • Crisis Action
  • WWF
  • Care2
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Let Toys be Toys
  • National Autistic Society

and many more.

When we started out, we were fortunate to be able to promote these events on the brilliant E-Campaigning Forum run by Duane Raymond. If you are interested in campaigning we strongly recommend signing up.