Past Events

Since June 2017 we have been uploading presentations up to youtube for people who couldn’t make it in person. If that included you then fear not, you can get a sliver of the atmosphere if you view these with wotsits and a glass of wine. Check out our speaker list for events since Spring 2016 below.

June 2017, London

  • Sam Jeffers (The Shop) – Who targets me?
  • Hayley Davidson (Crisis Action) – Creative Coalitions
  • Adrian Cockle (Hootsuite) – Emoji and fun
  • James Bethell (Westbourne Communucations) – How should the conservatives engage young people?
  • Lara Carmona (RCN – Royal College of Nursing) – Getting shit done

April 2017

  • Penelope Gibbs (Transform Justice) – Herding cats- how one campaigner tried to persuade the criminal justice sector to reframe its messaging
  • Jess Day – (Let Toys be Toys) – The backfire effect
  • Laura Osborne (Head of Corporate Affairs, Which?) – Influencing Post Brexit
  • Rachel Collinson (Donor Whisper) – Activating donors
  • Rob Blackie (Rob Blackie Digital Strategy) – Did data win it for Trump
  • Jem Stein (The Bike Project) – Overcoming challenges with messaging

Nov 2016

  • Chris Gee (WWF) – International Campaigning
  • Alex Runswick (Unlock Democracy) – Lessons to learn from referendum campaigning
  • Rhys Williams (Quietroom) – Messaging that gets results..
  • Paul Donnelly (Shelter) – Neutralising attitudes to welfare through behaviour change
  • Mark Perkins (MHP) – The Missing Type campaign

June 2016

  • Tom Madders (National Autistic Society) – Too Much Information
  • Rhiannan Sullivan (Care2) – Mobilizing supporters, winning campaigns
  • Patrick Steen (Which?) – Websites that drive results
  • Kat Sladden ( – Building campaigns from the grassroots
  • Alex Lloyd (Forward Action) – NHS baby number