What people say

Wine and wotsits is riotous fun, a great learning experience but somehow a place for nuance. We credit our brilliant speakers and the magical power of orange corn snacks. You don’t just have to take our word for it though, this is what others say.

“Brain. Exploded. Never learnt so much in so few seconds. Thank you to all the amazing speakers” – Hayley Davidson, Crisis Action

“My brain is fried, in a good way! Awesome night. Learnt ALOT. Why have I not been to this before? Doh. More of these please!” – Cherie Williers, Which?

“Very impressed with wine and wotsits” – Henry Playfoot, Claremont Comms

“My wineandwotsit wine:wotsit ratio is getting out of whack. Not saying which way” – Adrian Cockle, Hootsuite